Ears destroyed:

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Liquified Maggots 'Demo'

Elephant Man Behind The Sun 'Demo 1'

Tracheotomy Waterpipe 'Vomiting Necktie'

Elephant Man Behind The Sun/Dick Fungus Split

Burnt Human Garbage 'Demo 2010'

Anemia/Cuntpump Split

Split Cover was randomly made by me. Couldn't find the original cover.

Elephant Man Behind The Sun 'Demo 2'

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Carnivorous Nausea - Demo I

A Request Post. Got a message via Facebook (via my Page Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum) to post this. Some great Gorenoise again.

Just the censored Cover.

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Neobatrachia - Winter Hibernation Tactics EP (2012)

New Project of a Friend of mine. His new 4-Track Ep is also Amphibian-Themed, totally worth to check out! Don't forget to like his Page on Facebook: Neobatrachia

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Updates 3.0

Hello everyone. I'm sorry again for rarely updating my blog, have much to do with School/work. So lately, i have some splits/demos/projects incoming!


Split w/ Tapeworm
Split w/ Corpses-Stitched-2gether
Split w/ UxTxIxFxSxPxCx & TxNxCxPxAx
2nd Demo

Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum:

Split w/ Neobatrachia
Split w/ Acanthocephala
2nd Demo

Enema Long Jump:

Split w/ Spermorrhoea
Split w/ Cumdivision Spermany
2nd Demo

Projects in Planing:

Meth Addicted Hobo Cutting Himself With A Sharp Object, To Create A Cut Deep Enough To Pull Out His Own Intestines In His Stunned And Traumatized Condition (Gorenoise)


The Aokigahara Forest (Gorenoise/Ambient)

No Logo Available Yet

Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Updates 2.0

Alright Guys. I'm really sorry that i havent updated the blog for some months now, but i'll find some time to update it.
Some other updates. There will be some new Stuff from my Projects soon. Following Material will come soon:

Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Octopus Exitated 'Octopus VS Frogs, Pt. 1' Split
Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Cephalopod 'Octopus VS Frogs, Pt. 2' Split
Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Acanthocephala Split
Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum Demo #2
Enema Long Jump Demo #2
Enema Long Jump/Spermorrhoea Split
Enema Long Jump/Cumdivision Spermany Split
Napalm Burn Victim 'Bombing is Fun' Demo


Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum Demo #1
Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Urinary Tract Infection from Severe Pus Clots Split (Released on Regurgitated Stoma Stew)
Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Deep Fried Embryo Split
Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Rotten Bitch/Pro-Anorexia/Varanus Komodoensis/Human Offal Concealment 4Way Split (Released on Neurotic Anger Rec.)
Enema Long Jump Demo #1

Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum Demo #1

Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Rotten Bitch/Pro-Anorexia/Varanus Komodoensis/Human Offal Concealment 4Way Split 
(Released on Neurotic Anger Rec.)

Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots Split
(Released on Regurgitated Stoma Stew)

Enema Long Jump 'Japanese Girl Squirt Shower' Demo #1

Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Deep Fried Embryo Split

Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum/Octopus Exitated Split

Blastocycodermitomitoriticystosisxenometasiscartipramesotirose Logo

Hope you're all looking forward to the upcoming Shit!

Enema Long Jump - Japanese Girl Squirt Shower

My second Gorenoise Project, next to Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum.

1-7 Untitled

Get it here!

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Vomitcarnivale/Enterorhagia Split


Larvae - Demo 1


Blue Waffle Eruption - Demo 1


Erotophonophilia - Emetophilic Trauma


Undocumented Forensic Experiments - Cumhungry German Bondage Goo Service Sluts From Beyond Hymenjuice Fuckliquid Hell


TheCorpseInTheCrawlspace - Don't Listen To TheCorpseInTheCrawlspace


Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots/Submucosa Split


Butyric Fermentation Abuse - Rancerous Cadaver Suppuration

Bowel Rot/Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots Split


Bowel Rot:
1. Bowel Rot Noise

Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots
1. Pulmonary Sequestion Of Uterinalist Arteries A (I-XXIV)


Dehydrated Tissue - Feast On Infected Virulency

01. Intro and Tissue Dehydration
02. Gnawing Cancerous Pus
03. Overflow of Pancreal Juices
04. Rancid Regorged Ptoma
05. Radio Hit


Hello Guys, i'm really sorry for not posting stuff on here. I'm really busy finishing school, but i'll try my best to  upload something gory & noisy!

I'll have some Splits in the future with my Gorenoise Project Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum.
Split with:
Urinary Tract Infection from Severe Pus Clots
Deep Fried Embryo (just has to be released)

and i'll be feautered on the Caccofinic Festival of Gorenoise 3 Comp, with Destrucción Humana.

Thanks for staying Gory!

Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum - Demo

The Demo of my own Gorenoise Project. Some Splits will follow soon. Splits with: Deep Fried Embryo, Cephalopod, I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua, Maybe Phyllomedusa or Arseterror.


It's entertaining to watch people die
The Red Frog Beach was named by the Poison Dart Frog
Humanity is a Problem for all Amphibians
End of war (Amphibians vs Humans)

Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum - Demo (2012)

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Myasis/Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Split


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa:
01. Adipocere Formation 00:42
02. Autolysis, Self Digestion 00:32
03. Decay Of The Bowels 00:32
04. Gas Accumulation And Bloating 00:39
05. Liquefing The Guts 02:05
06. I Dream Of Asami 02:13
07. Wire Cutting Through The Meat 00:57
08. A Dying Human In The Sack 01:08


Congenital Interior Defects - Mucogranulent Amorphia (Demo)

01 - Mucogranulent Amorphia
02 - Sickening Fetish
03 - Cum & Lobotomy
04 - Visceral Regurgitation
05 - You Are Bitch
06 - Cadaverous Contagious
07 - Fornicate Gore
08 - Leucorrhea Eruptions
09 - Abortion In The Obstetrics
10 - The Masturbator (Anal Whore Cover)
11 - Brutal Necropsy
12 - Rabdosarcoma Feast
13 - Post Traumatic Defect
14 - Intracranial Hemorrhage
15 - Facial Incision


ekalmoorg - Selif Xob Kcalb


Selif Xob Kcalb

Get it here!

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Vulvajuiceconsumption


Omphalectoicxanthopsia (Pt. 1// Intro)
Icterus Neonatorum Plus Icterusgravisneonatorum which Caused Severe Jaundice in the Newborn due to Extreme Mega-erythroblastanalfetalis causing the Foetus to Experience Ictus and Severe Pulsation (The Dead Yellow Infant)
A Motile of Faeces Found in the Anal Tract Brings Forth A Severe Shift in the Myeloid also Affecting fragments of the Mycobacterriumaviumcomplex along with other cavities, but mostly enjoyed through the Sexual Gratification of Faeces Excreted from the Sphincter
An Unreliable Factor in Pharmacogenomics in Which the Drug Used was a Small Dose of Vulvajuice , In which the Patient was Forced to Swallow, Ingurgitate-Regurgitate, and Consume Once More showed that Once Consumed, One Found it Extremely Difficult to Resist the Urge for More (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 1)
A Secundigravida Ruined by Infected Seminal Fluid that had Been Forcefully Placed Inside Her Vulva against will, and unconscious, The Cervix Was Discovered then Dissected for Pleasure, Forcefully Injected with Semen, and Left for the Medical Examiner
Titubatic Responses To The Sight of Vomit, Urine and/or Faeces
Clitoridcartilage Digested for Enlightenment but The Small Anterior or Clitorides were hard to chew and swallow – Descensusanalstructure collapsing in my mouth – False membranicdysentery from the dipherloid – Drinking her Diarrheoa – Tonguing the Aroused Clitordistructure Made It Become Entirely Engorged in Vulvajuice (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 2) – The Urge to Consume Her Vomit – Faeces found in the Urinarytract were soon destroyed by the Jaundicamdiuresis – Semensplooge in the Clavicle – Clearing the utericyanblastesis for Cloaicalpenetration – The Bitch is Tied up for my session of Vomitgulp & Phallactorture
Secreticinvolvement between the open orifice of the Stoma & Sputumspewing Female – Diureticgonorrheoa – Celevagspot – Adipicanalard felt with Care but Shattered with Hate – Chilofaeces – The Vein-full Diplomesascrotum Stroking – I Consume Her Vomit as my Scrotum Gorges in her Vulva – Faecal Flavored Pudding Oozes from Her Prolapsed Asshole into My Cup of Urine which will be consumed slowly – Uretheythromegfacsitosis – Mycervictomy – Abdominaliquid is Caressed into the Hands of the Partner, and Used as Lubricant – I Swallowed My Own Cum and Puked it back into her Mouth – Slurping Vulvajuice to Fulfill my needs of Clitoriccystalgia (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 3) – An Enemaorgy Containing Many Analfull Participants – The Mindset of A Coprophilliac – S.C.A.T. (Sucking Clits And Tits) – Indulged In A Septic Fantasy – Vulvicotomy Through the Jejunum – Platyanalsyphillis – A Suppartive Facial – Purulent Pussy Discharge – Shaved Shemale Sphincters – Teratavicprocregion – My Dick: Consumed
With One Fist in Her Ass & One in Her Cunt, I Choked Her with A Gigantic Dildo: My Dick was Lonely – To Wake Up to A Warm Shower of A 7-Female Enema (My Mind Pt. 1) – Chunkridden Vomit Ingested Through A 1 Liter Bottle – Ultimate Intercourse Climaxed with A Colonoscopy – Fucked in Purulency – Gaping Stoma Stretched from My Phallacinjections – To Be Facedown in Her Shit (My Mind Pt. 2) – Pusgagged After my Turn of Barbaric Emotions Towards Her Boyfriend’s Semensak. The Process is as follows: A Slow Dissection with One Scalpel through his Penescrotal Region, After releasing the testes, I collect the excess Pus from the once known Penis and Feed it to her as A Gag Gift – Driedvomitfood for Later Cravings
Bradyurethraorrheoea (Faces of Gore cover)
Enjoying the Post-mortal Vomit Secreting from the Cadaver of a Fresh Female – My Life is Surgery – Vulvajuice Poured into the Analorifice and Excreted Into Mine – Urophagicsounds of the Urineobsessed – Gagging on the Insides – The Grotesque Sounds of eXXXtreme Pornography – Taught to Love Faeces from the Tocotalgic Time Period – Filling Up Her Asshole with more Milk than She Can Handle so She Vomits Forth Warmilk for me to Ingest (My Mind Pt. 3) – The Last Drip and Slurp Vulvajuice (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 4)
Omphalectoicxanthopsia (Pt. 2//Outro)

Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Bodily Wastes - Sophisticated Pleasures EP


1. Letting Giant Scolopendras Crawl Inside Her Unconscious Body Through All Possible Orifices And Lustfully Masturbating As Her Entrails Begin To Swell Because Of Their Venomous Bites And Start Protruding Through The Epithelial Tissue
2. Shooting Speedball With An Infected Syringe After Pulling It Out Of The Pus Clotted Vein Of A Moribund Overdosed Junkie Who Was Found Inside The Dumpster Lying Among Various Trash And His Own Malodorous Excrements
3. The Penis Which Has Been Orally Amputated, Carefully Masticated, Digested, Defecated, Eaten Again In It's New Fecal Condition, Vomited Out In Liquid State and Conserved In A Jar By A Sophisticated Person With Cannibalistic And Coprophagic Propensities
4. The Presence Of Parasitic Worms In The Lymphatic System Causes The Obstruction Of Lymphatic Vessels Which Leads To Scrotal Elephantiasis And Allows To Humiliate Sexual Partners By Teabagging Them With Abnormally Huge Swollen Scrotum
5. Sexual Contact With Small Amphibians Is Possible By Means Of Covering the Penis With Faeces to Attract the Flies and Putting It Close to a Frog Which Would Start Catching the Insects with It's Sticky Tongue and In This Way Provide Oral Pleasure
6. Shit Covered Beard, Shit Smelling Breath and Shit Stained Clothes (The Description Of The Dangerous Coprophagist Who Has Commited Numerous Fecally Motivated Offences Such As Pushing People Out Of The Public Toilet Cabins And Eating Their Unflushed Excrements Straight From The Toilet Bowl)
7. Lethal Outcome As The Result Of Dissolution Of Large Quantities Of Diacetylmorphine In The Gastric Juice After The Depressurization Of Drug Containing Capsules Inside The Gastrointestinal Tract Of The Heroin Smuggler
8. Gagged By Used Toilet Paper, Sodomized By A Toilet Brush, Beaten With A Rusty Metal Pipe Till The Loss Of Consciousness, Wrapped In A Trash Bag And Finally Buried Alive In A Verminous Cesspit
9. Disconnecting An Old Woman's Shitfilled Colostomy Bag To Gag Her With It While Penetrating Her Stoma With My Erected Phallus, Oozing With Preejaculatory Secretions, And Taking Pleasure In Having It Covered With Faeces And Festering Intestinal Slime
10. Blenncardichromodacryexgenitohaemgene [Amoebe Cover]
11. Malmishaplaextripsy Which Lead To Nothing But White Heels And A Mouthful of Scrotalsqueezings [Omphalectoicxanthopsia Cover]

Get it here

Enema Bath - Pseudklysmatic Ureamoebia Blasgonorrheoa



Get it Here

Samstag, 17. März 2012

Macrophagous Gilled Larvae - The Amphibious Realm


Descent To The Demesne of Tadpole Bedlam I
Lepidobatrachus llanensis (Dwarf Budgett's Frog)
The Austere Orb Of The Egg Cluster I
Amolops larutensis
The Austere Orb Of The Egg Cluster II
Ensatina eschscholtzii platensis
The Austere Orb Of The Egg Cluster III
Leiopelma Feces Communication
The Austere Orb Of The Egg Cluster IV
Peophryne misera
The Austere Orb Of The Egg Cluster V
Bufo typhonius (The Dead Leaf Toad)
The Austere Orb Of The Egg Cluster VI
Visible Internal Organs
The Austere Orb Of The Egg Cluster VII

Example: MGL - Visible Internal Organs

Please visit/share/sub my Channel:

Elomeryx - Hippopotamusamphibious

Only Tape of Elomeryx.

1. Hippopotamus amphibious


Phyllomedusa/Unconcentrated Faeces Otengeny Split


Unconcentrated Faeces Otengeny:



Heterixalus boettgeri
Phlyctimantis verrucosus
Kassina somalica
Rana macroglossa
Hyla savignyi
Litoria nigropunctata
Limnodynastes ornatus
Philoria kundagungan
Myobatrachus gouldii
Hyla chrysoscelis
Trachycephalus resinifictrix
Exerodonta chimalapa
Gastrotheca longipes_Rana catesbeiana